Drainage Solutions in Palm Harbor, Florida

Drainage Solutions in Palm Harbor, Florida

At LRE Foundation Repair Of Palm Harbor, we can take on any size project and make any necessary changes along the way to ensure that your project proceeds smoothly. From large-scale, complex projects to smaller, simple solutions, we get the job done right with proper planning. Our biggest assets are flexibility and creativity. Value engineering is a daily practice for our management team; for our clients, that means saving time and money. The earlier you involve us in the process, the more we can help you. Our people are highly trained and very professional. We are honest, competitive, and safety-conscious. We listen and we’re easy to work with.

While LRE Foundation Repair Of Palm Harbor can repair your building foundation, drainage problems can result if underlying problems are not resolved. That is why LRE Foundation Repair Of Palm Harbor also specializes in drainage system installation, including area drains, French drains, reservoirs, and other solutions. We have years of experience installing drainage systems and control moisture at the foundation so as to minimize foundation movement. Drainage systems are used to provide moisture control at the supporting soil to prevent foundation movement. Specific drainage solutions like area drain systems, French drainage systems, and swales systems are intended to move standing water away from your foundation, trap and remove water below the ground surface and prevent support soils from eroding away from the foundation.

How We Can Help!

We are a fully licensed, bonded, and insured foundation repair contractor in Palm Harbor, Florida. We offer a wide range of services, which include:

  • Area Drain Systems
  • French Drain Systems
  • Swales Systems
    ‘And More Drainage Solutions!

Picking LRE Foundation Repair Of Palm Harbor for drainage solutions is the most intelligent choice you can make.

Area Drain Systems

In low areas, where overly lots of water collects and soaks the soil causing uneven foundation movements, area drains are used to drain a few inches below the surface. An LRE Foundation Repair Of Palm Harbor replacement drain head at the lowest point where water stands can be placed if a filling job cannot be done or a pipe system is not available to carry water away.

French Drain Systems

Water will always flow downhill by the most accessible route possible. That is the basic concept behind a French drain, which is a slightly sloped trench typically filled with gravel and a single pipe to divert water away from the home. The system itself may not seem too challenging, however, installation requires careful planning and finesse.

Swales Systems

Swales can be part of an area’s natural landscaping, or they can be created to help ensure proper drainage, minimize runoff, or capture stormwater. In simple terms, they are generally shallow ditches that have gently sloping sides. Depending on their function, they may run along the contour lines of a hillside and may have a berm on the downhill side of the ditch. They rely on gravity to move water and are designed to direct the water where we want it to go.

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